Dwell Deeply

all the little things inbetween


Am I just making room for more. As I get rid of candles and simplify what's on our shelves and in our closets, I'm thriving under the umbrella of less is more. But the hard question I'm starting to ask is, "is this really going to stick? Or am I just creating room for more?" Will I be at the store 6 months from now and think to myself, I only have 2 candles and I don't have one in this wintertime cozy scent. We got rid of a ton of stuff that we haven't used in a long time...but will we just be in the same place 3 years from now? 3 months from now? I'm hoping this is something that's becoming part of our DNA. That "enough" is something that we feel deep in our bones. Because we have SO much.

We're going camping next week and for some reason I thought to myself that I need a long, big comfy shirt to wear with leggings. With that in my head, I went to 2 stores and spent my lunch looking for that perfect shirt. Well I found it for $8. What a deal. But I'm sitting here staring at it on my chair and then looking to my closet. Did I learn nothing? Or am I just choosing to ignore that pit in my stomach? That part of me that knows.

I will allow myself grace. I will allow this to be a process. But let me never forget that we easily gave away more than 200 items and didn't even notice. I will be changed.