Dwell Deeply

all the little things inbetween


I've been part of the staff at my church for about 8 years. I've had various roles, but for about the past 4 years my job has been centered around communicating well and making sure things look good. My eye has been trained to catch things that are out of place, miss-spelled, or lacking good communication. I'm in a role where it's partly my responsibility to make sure our message and the Gospel are presented in a simple, clean, and concise way.
A couple weeks ago I was in a church service and it was communion time. It was "self-serve" communion (get your own communion instead of it being passed) while a few worship songs played. While I was singing, I couldn't help but notice a woman kneeling at the cross. But, she was also kneeling right in front of the communion table. I'm sad to say that my first thought was that she needed to move. This was going to disrupt the flow and a few people might even be annoyed by her as they're trying to get to the table. Then God started to steer my mind and heart another way.
This is church and it's messy. It's no big deal, people will go around her. This is the way it's supposed to be.
Sometimes I lose site that we're all just reaching for the same thing. We all want more of Jesus. And when we're all positioned toward the same thing, striving for the same goal, it doesn't matter if there are people kneeling in front of us. Because in community, in a church family, I believe God would have it no other way. I can easily get caught up in the details and logistics of church, when all it is that God longs for as we gather together is our hearts to bow before His, to commune with Him, and to just be present with Him. These are the moments that bring me back to the heart of Jesus.